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Promoting the benefits of drug and alcohol testing for Ontario commercial drivers

Due to the lack of drug and alcohol testing for truck drivers, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) continues to push for a mandatory drug and alcohol testing program for workers in safety-sensitive positions, like trucking, the federal government.

CTA emphasizes the importance of mandatory testing for all commercial truck drivers as a measure that needs to be implemented by all provinces. They encourage the government to make the requirement mandatory for federally and provincially regulated trucks. This is because provincial policies only have authority for fleets that do not leave provincial boundaries. However, fleets that conduct business outside of the province are not covered by this safety policy.

“CTA applauds the Ontario Auditor General report for highlighting the safety benefit of requiring drug and alcohol testing for commercial truck drivers,” says Scott Smith, chair of the Canadian Trucking Alliance. “We appreciate and support the work to date on this matter by Transport Canada and hope to see the Government of Canada support this important road safety policy in 2020.”

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk reviewed some issues and potential improvements in commercial vehicle safety and enforcement in the province. She highlighted the lack of drug and alcohol testing programs as an issue related to road safety and truck collisions:

“In Ontario, commercial vehicle drivers are not subject to mandatory drug and alcohol testing either before or during their employment. In addition, Ontario drivers who hold a prescription for medical marijuana may operate a commercial vehicle with marijuana present in their system as long as they are not legally impaired, unlike those who use it recreationally,” she stated.

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