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We work with you in carrying out drug and alcohol testing programs.

Whether you need our professionals to take over your current administrative drug testing consortium duties or develop an individualized drug and alcohol testing program for your company, you can guarantee that they can deliver quality services. We can customize our drug and alcohol testing services to fit your company’s specific needs while following the standard requirements set by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Our services include:

  • DOT Random Drug Programs
  • DOT Drug Test
  • DOT Breath Alcohol Test
  • DOT Physical Exams

What to Prepare for Your DOT Examinations

If you have a medical condition, we will need the following documents:

  • Diabetes – list of medications, name of prescribing doctor, and copy of your blood sugar results or hemoglobin A1C
  • High Blood Pressure – list of medications and prescribing doctor
  • Heart Condition – a copy of your last stress test or release from your cardiologist
  • Sleep Apnea – a copy of your latest sleep test results
  • Medications – list of all prescriptions you are taking, including its strength and dosage
  • Contact Information – names and phone numbers of your doctors

Day of the Physical Exam

  • Make sure to arrive a few minutes early at the location you will be getting your physicals
  • Make sure to bring all your health documents
  • Drink water since you’ll be needing a urine sample for the test

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